New Protest Calling for Tal Mallohi Freedom in Washington

Human rights activists and supporters of Tal Mallohi (Tal al-Mallohi) case are heading toward Washington DC to protest against the cases of “prisoners of conscience” and “forced disappearance”. The U.S. administration over at the White House has always been a guardian of human rights and civil liberties cases; however, the administration has turned its back on violations of human rights in Syria for the sake of other agenda it has at the moment.

It is a shame that countries which label themselves “Freedom Protectors” cannot intervene in cases like Tal Mallohi or Haytham Malleh because they have policies to get Iran to its side through Assad’s regime turning a blind eye on violations of his citizens rights and safety.

We have, as activists, to make Arab governments violations against civil liberties and freedom of expression cases known to all countries in the world. These behaviors by Assad and Mubarak security agencies against their citizens are unacceptable no more. It is time that we stop listening to and making statements and denouncement and start protesting and debunking Arab governments violations against their citizens.

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